The nature of representation project in 2012-13

This was the start-up year for the project, before project post-docs or research students were recruited. The PI (Robert Williams) focused on individual preparatory research and reading. The main project-level activity was a pilot seminar series held with colleagues with the philosophy department at Leeds.

Recruitment got underway for two postdoctoral fellows, one in philosophy of mind, and one in philosophy of language, and two PhD students, and interviews and appointments were made.

There was one project visitor, Imogen Dickie (giving three talks).

One conference was organized (jointly with the logic group in mathematics) on the philosophy of Michael Dummett.

  • Douglas Bridges (Canterbury, NZ).
  • Imogen Dickie (Toronto)
  • Daniel Isaacson (Oxford).
  • Per Martin-Loef (Stockholm).
  • Michael Rathjen (Leeds).
  • Philip Welch (Bristol).
  • Crispin Wright (Aberdeen/NYU).

(edited by R Williams).


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