Recent Visitors

In 2013-2014, we had several visitors to the representation project:

November 2013: Damian Rochford (MIT), “The Calibration Theory of Learning”

January 2014: Gurpreet Rattan (Toronto), “Disagreement and Conceptual Understanding”

February 2014: Richard Holton (Cambridge), “Intention as a model for belief”.

March 2014: Wolfgang Schwarz (ANU) (three talks), “Imaginary Foundations”, “Subjunctive Conditional Probability”, and “Decision Theory in Ethics”

May 2014: Zoe Drayson (Stirling) (three talks), “Redundant representations and intentional explanation”, “Action-oriented perception”, and “Representation and reflexive thought”

June 2014: Mahrad Almotahari (UIC), “‘Good’ without Good”


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