The Nature of Representation project in 2014-15

Goodman and Carr continued as postdocs, and Tasker and Gamester as research students, with Williams as project PI. Laura Crosilla’s PhD work was also supported by the project, which concerned technical constraints on mathematical and logical systems, ¬†motivated by issues in the foundations of representation. Crosilla had been the co-organized of the first project workshop, “Dummett day”.
The previous year had seen lots of conferences organized, but also solo visits by international speakers. We had got a lot out of the conferences, but the chance to interact at length with speakers over a few days was particularly valuable. And the visitors always seemed to get a lot out of it too! We tended to dedicate some time in seminars to reading some of an uncoming visitor’s work to gain general familiarity with it. While they visited us, we would have a mixture of sessions: typically pre-reads (either of published classic work or work in progress) and at least one talk accessible to colleagues beyond the department.
One of the real attractions of this format is that one gets to explore in depth the visitor’s research programme, connecting-dots and moving past initial misunderstandings in a way that’s impossible in the traditional single conference talk. The time between sessions is used in informal interactions exploring connections between the work we do within the NatRep group and the visitor’s research.
This year, a lot of our interaction with external visitors was in this format.


In 2014-15 our visitors were:

  • Janice Dowell (Syracuse). Two talks.
  • Hartry Field (NYU). Three talks.
  • Liz Camp (Rutgers). Three talks.
  • Richard Heck (Brown). Three talks.
  • Tyler Burge (UCLA). Two talks.
  • John Hawthorne (Oxford)
  • Lisa Bortolotti (Birmingham). Two talks.

We organized the following workshop:

  • Workshop on Radical Interpretation.
    • Wolfgang Schwarz (Edinburgh).
    • Robert Williams (Leeds).
    • Anandi Hattiangadi (Stockholm).

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